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Ceramic Sculpture meets Bluetooth hacking

The 51st Contemporary Art Biennale of Montrouge will debut an interactive installation tomorrow night with Philippe Langlois'work "(A) Bugs", which combines new and traditionnal technologies to reach visitors in quite a innovative way.

The piece plays an ironic trick of addressing people individually in the exhibition as they pass by by using or perusing their electronic identity, and getting their attention towards what has now become a common practice - invisible surveillance.

Surveillance has been a major theme of the XLRMX.ORG collective which will be present there. The criticism of both the modernists and the Luddites puts XLRMX.ORG in an astonishing position.

Refusing to take side, the sculptural work is central to the critique of dogmas.

"Obscurantism is not only present in religion and politics with their fundamentalist or totalitarian surveillance dead-ends, it's also something that we have inside ourselves. Playing with these themes is important if one wishes to exercise one's criticism and not fall into the easy 'them vs us' kind of attitude. It's also about admitting we're human and that sometimes, we slip, we make mistakes. That's why a bug is here for. And we can do something about it." said Philippe Langlois commenting his work.

The theme of surveillance and dogmas is widely developed by the XLRMX.ORG collective, the website of which[1] shows a wide variety of related works.


Steve Martin, Arts eNews 4/25/2006


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